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  1. Audi News & Audi Forum News
    Recently had a custom remap on my auto2.0 tdi with custom made exhaust + honeycomb grill , anyone else got a sportback they have done modifications to ? Looking to get custom made air filter box , intercooler , hybrid turbo etc. What yous think of the backend 🍑?
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    NO DEALERS PLEASE UNLESS YOU PAY ASKING PRICE TEXT FIRST PLEASE. 830-730-8030 I'm selling my 2015 Audi A5. The price is below what Autotrader gave for retail and above Autotrader's Private Party value, but keep reading and you'll see why. If you look anywhere online, this vehicle is selling for...
    $24,790 USD
  3. Audi A5 Forum
    Hi I have full access of the MMI but no audio at all, a couple of days before the audio cut out, there was a loud static noise coming from the boot, so I am assuming my amplifier has gone. I'm looking to replace it myself but have read that the new one will need coding? I have called audi and...
  4. Other Audi Models
    Hi hope everyone reading this is well! For the past month I’ve been having an issue with the soft top it doesn’t open at all and I get a “soft top cannot be used” message on the drivers display I’ve plugged in vcds and it reads two faults “hydraulic pump relay- implausible signal” so I’ve gone...
1-4 of 4 Results