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  1. Audi News & Audi Forum News
    One of my doors collided with the garage door and needs to be fixed. Do you have any recommendations what places would offer inexpensive yet good service in the bay area? Thanks for the help.
  2. B9 Forum
    Hey All, Just got myself a 2018 A4 (B9) and looking for some recommendations as far as carbon fiber trim replacements, mine currently has gloss black and I'm not a huge fan, looking for some notable brands that can accommodate something like this. Thanks!
  3. Australia
    hi all my B6 makes a horrible squealing noise after driving around for around 30-40 mins. the noise goes away when the lifting the revs. I thought it must be the drive belt and I replaced it. the noise has come back and oddly it sounds like it's coming from the back of the engine. any ideas? the...
  4. B7 Forum
    Hello, I just bought my first Audi, an A4 B7 TDI 170HP of 2007. At this moment it has 2 error codes : 1. P3102 : My ELM told me it's a generic code, Google it and found this : Intake Manifold Flap Motor (V157) faulty 2. P2002 Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold The previous...
  5. Vehicles For Sale
    2014 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0T 41,000 Miles Excellent Condition Leather Interior Tinted Windows Manual Transmission 6 speed All-Wheel Drive Meticulously Maintained Low Miles Very Clean Garage Kept Moonroof More pictures available upon request
1-5 of 5 Results