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This section contains front page news articles related to Audi News & Audi Cars. In addition, important posts about will be posted here as well. Only Administrators may start new threads in this section.
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Forum Rules

Please read before posting for the first time.
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New Members Introduction (Post Here First)

New to the forums?? This is the best place to start. Go ahead introduce yourself to the community.
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Audi Models

Audi 80, 90 & Coupe Forum

Discussion area for every generation Audi 80, Audi 90 and Audi Coupe. (Audi 80 Forum, Audi 90 Forum, Audi Coupe Forum)
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Audi 5000, 200 & V8 Forum

Discussion area for Audi 5000, Audi 200 and Audi V8. (Audi 5000 Forum, Audi 200 Forum, Audi V8 Forum)
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Audi A2 Forum

World's first volume-production aluminum car Audi A2 – fascinating technology and a new form of agility. (Audi A2 Forum)
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Audi A3, RS3 and S3 Forum

Discussion area for every generation Audi A3, Audi RS3 and Audi S3. (Audi A3 Forum, Audi RS3 Forum, Audi S3 Forum)
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Audi A4, RS4 and S4 Forum

Discussion area for every generation Audi A4, Audi RS4 and Audi S4. (Audi A4 Forum, Audi RS4 Forum, Audi S4 Forum)
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Audi A6, RS6, S6 and 100 Forum

Discussion area for every generation Audi A6, Audi RS6 and Audi S6. (Audi A6 Forum, Audi RS6 Forum, Audi S6 Forum)
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Audi A7

Discussion on the Audi A7 model.
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Audi A8 and S8 Forum

Discussion area for every generation Audi A8 and Audi S8. (Audi A8 Forum, Audi S8 Forum)
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Audi allroad Forum

All the traditional Audi strengths of quality and comfort are present in the Allroad. It's an extremely well built and spacious car with some extra versatility over a standard estate. (Audi Allroad Forum)
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Audi TT Forum

The TT looks fantastic, drives well and offers an excellent buying package. Solid build and a high-class cabin lie beneath one of the most attractive cars on the road. (Audi TT Forum)
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Audi Q7 Forum

Discussion area for Audi Q7. (Audi Q7 Forum)
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VW Models

VW Golf & Jetta Forum

Discussion area for every generation VW Golf and VW Jetta.
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VW GTI Forum

Discussion area for VW GTI and VW Jetta GLI.
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VW New Beetle Forum

Discussion area for VW New Beetle.
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VW Passat Forum

Discussion area for every generation VW Passat.
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VW Phaeton Forum

Discussion area for VW Phaeton.
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VW Touareg Forum

Discussion area for VW Touareg.
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General Audi And VW Non-Model Specific Discussion

Forum for discussions regarding Audi and VW in general (ie. dealers, news, etc.).
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Other Cars

Talk about other car makes here.
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Off-Topic Lounge

Talk about it all in here, although Audi and VW topics should not be posted in here.
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Image and Video Gallery

Post images, videos and sound clips here.
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  • 406K Site Help

Please use this forum to provide any suggestions or feedback for this website. Please also use this forum if you are having general trouble on this site.
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General Tech Discussion

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Suspension, Wheels and Tires

Discuss all suspension, wheels and tire related topics in here
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Car Audio, Video & Electronics

Discuss all car audio, video and electronic related issues here.
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Interiors and Exteriors

Discuss Interior and Exterior related issues here.
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Discuss your performance related issues here.
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Parts For Sale / Trade

Post up your parts for sale in this section.
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Vehicles For Sale

Post your complete, running vehicles for sale in this section.
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Private 'Wanted' Classifieds

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Good Guy/Bad Guy

Talk about your buying & selling experiences with other individuals.
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Vendors This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Vendor Deals

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Ride on Rims

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Asia Pacific

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