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VCDS measuring blocks wrong!

I have an A4 B5 1999 2.8 Quattro.

I'm about to do a timing belt change and wanted to observe Vag-com block 093 before I started to make sure I have installed it correctly when I've finished.

However I have the ACK engine which seems to be mapped differently so 093 contains data on voltage?!

Can anyone point me towards the measuring blocks for the ACK engine?

Thanks in advance!


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Any ideas? Would buying ErWin help? Do they have a list of blocks and their descriptions?

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Answered my own question by creating a label file in VCDS.

If you have an ACK engine and use VCDS then find the label folder and file 078-907-551-ACK.lbl. Then replace the text in the file with this:

; VCDS Label File
; Audi A4 (8D) / Audi A6 (4
; Component: Engine (#01) - ACK/ALG/APR
; P/N: 4D0-907-551-???
; includes coding and adaptation
; This file is part of a redirection package,
; make sure you have all of the following files.
; 4D-01.LBL
; 078-907-551-ACK.LBL (2.8l E @ 193 HP - ACK/ALG/APR)
; created on 26/Mar/2008 by Sebastian Stange ([email protected])
;amended on 1/Dec/2017 by Russell Hammond([email protected]
; last modification: 1/Dec/2017
; requires VCDS 803.0 or newer
; measuring blocks & basic setting
000,1,Coolant Temp G62,,Specification: 177...203 (85.0...105.0 °C)
000,2,Engine Load,,Specification: 21...34 (15.0...26.0 %)
000,3,Engine Speed G28,,Specification: 67...73 (650...750 RPM)
000,4,Throttle Valve,Angle,1...7 (0.40...2.75 %)
000,5,idling spd ctrl,,Specification: 126...135 (-1.5...+1.5 %)
000,6,Learned value,air mas idling spd,Specification: 124...140 (-3.0...+5.0 %)
000,7,Mixture Ad cntrl,Bank 1 Value,Specification: 122...136 (-4.0...+4.0 %)
000,8,Mixture Ad cntrl,Bank 2 Value,Specification: 122...136 (-4.0...+4.0 %)
000,9,Mixture Ad learnt,Bank 1 Value,Specification: 108...148 (-4.0...+4.0 %)
000,10,Mixture Ad learnt,Bank 2 Value,Specification: 108...148 (-4.0...+4.0 %)
001,0,Basic function ign timing
001,1,Idle Speed,620-740A/+120F
001,2,Engine load,, (injection period per crankshaft revolution)
001,3,Thrttle valve ang,0...5 <°
001,4,Ignition timing,9...15 °
002,0,Basic function MAF reading
002,1,Engine Speed,(G28),Range: 0...6800 RPM\nSpecification (Idle): 620...860 RPM
002,2,Engine load,1.0...2.5, (injection period per crankshaft revolution)
002,3,Injection period ,1.0...4.0, (per engine cycle)
002,4,Intake air mass,3.0...5.0
;003 usually 004
003,0,Basic function temps
003,1,Engine speed
003,2,Battery voltage,10..14.5
003,3,Coolant temp, 80..105
003,4,Intake air temp
;004 usually 003 or 005
004,0,Idling speed state
004,1,Thrttle valve ang,0....5
004,2,Idling air mass,-0.7...+0.7, learned (automatics: not in drive position)
004,3,Idling air mass,-0.7...+0.7, learned (automatics: drive engaged)
004,4,Operating state,, Idling Part throttle Full throttle Overrun Enrichment
005,0,Idling speed stabilisation
005,1,Engine speed act
005,2,Engine speed spec
005,3,idle speed cntrl,-10...+10,Control value for idling speed stabilisation
005,4,Air mass,3.0...5.0
; 006 usually 001
006,0,short term fuel trim,Low values=too rich High values=too lean
006,1,Idling speed
006,2,idle speed cntrl,-10...+10,Control value for idling speed stabilisation
006,3,Bank 1,-10...+10,Lambda control
006,4,Bank 2,-10...+10,Lambda control
;007 usually 032
007,0,learnt fuel trim,Low values=too rich High values=too lean
007,1,Bank 1 part,-10...+10, part throttle multiplicative
007,2,Bank 2 part,-10...+10, part throttle multiplicative
007,3,Bank 1 idle,-10...+10, idle additive
007,4,Bank 2 idle,-10...+10, idle additive
008,0,Lambda/o2 learned values with speed
008,1,Idling speed
008,2,Inj period,1.00...3.00, per engine cycle
008,3,Bank 1 idle,-10...+10, idle additive
008,4,Bank 2 idle,-10...+10, idle additive
;009 usually 033
009,0,Lambda/02 voltage
009,1,Bank 1,0.00...1.00,rich = 0.7...1.1.lean=0.0...0.3 V.
009,2,Bank 2,0.00...1.00,rich = 0.7...1.1.lean=0.0...0.3 V.
009,3,charc filtr valve,0...99 %,0% closed 99% open
009,4,correction,0.6...1.1,0.6-1 too too rich 1.01 and 1.10 too lean
;010 usually 070
010,0,Fuel tank breather
010,1,charc filtr valve,0...99 %,0% closed 99% open
010,2,filter correction,0.6...1.1,0.6-1 too too rich 1.01 and 1.10 too lean
010,3,Filter fill level,-5...+95,-5 no vapours +95 completely full
010,4,intake rate,0.00...1.50,proportion of intake coming from filter
011,0,Fuel consumption
011,1,Engine speed
011,2,Engine load,1.0...2.5, (injection period per crankshaft revolution)
011,3,Road speed,km/h
011,4,Fuel consumption,0.8...1.8 ltr./h
;012 usually 022
012,0,Knock control with speed
012,1,Engine speed
012,2,ign timing retard, cylinder 1,0...12°
012,3,ign timing retard, cylinder 2,0...12°
012,4,ign timing retard, cylinder 3,0...12°
013,0,Knock control with load (must be +40%)
013,1,Engine load, 0...10 ms
013,2,ign timing retard, cylinder 1,0...12°
013,3,ign timing retard, cylinder 2,0...12°
013,4,ign timing retard, cylinder 3,0...12°
;014 usually 023 and 024
014,0,Knock control with speed
014,1,Engine speed
014,2,ign timing retard, cylinder 4,0...12°
014,3,ign timing retard, cylinder 5,0...12°
014,4,ign timing retard, cylinder 6,0...12°
015,0,Knock control with load (must be +40%)
015,1,Engine load, 0...10 ms
015,2,ign timing retard, cylinder 4,0...12°
015,3,ign timing retard, cylinder 5,0...12°
015,4,ign timing retard, cylinder 6,0...12°
016,0,speed load timing,retard the ignition timing as soon as pinking also mixture is enriched
016,1,Engine speed
016,2,Engine load,0...10 ms
016,3,Ignition timing, -20...+40°
016,4,Total ign retard,0.0...72.0°
017,0,knock sensor,more than 50 % between smallest and largest signals could be corrosion on connector.
017,1,Engine speed
017,2,volts cylinder 1,0.50...1.40
017,3,volts cylinder 2,0.50...1.40
017,4,volts cylinder 3,0.50...1.40
018,0,knock sensor,more than 50 % between smallest and largest signals could be corrosion on connector.
018,1,Engine speed
018,2,volts cylinder 4,0.50...1.40
018,3,volts cylinder 5,0.50...1.40
018,4,volts cylinder 6,0.50...1.40
019,0,Torque reduction
019,1,Engine speed
019,2,Engine load,0.0...10.0
019,3,Required,0...410, torque required to shift gear
019,4,Actual,-100...300, actual torque
;020 usually 050
020,0,Operating conditions
020,1,Engine speed
020,2,Gear selector pos, Neutral or Gear
020,3,air con idle spd,incr func status,speed is increased when batt v is low.
020,4,Aircon compressor,, Compr.ON or Compr.OFF
021,0,Operating conditions for lambda control
021,1,Engine speed
021,2,Engine load,0.0...10.0, injection period per crankshaft revolution
021,3,Coolant temp, min 55
021,4,Lambda control, OFF/ON,If Lambda control off engine controlled by engine map.
023,0,Throttle valve positioner adaption
023,1,learning status,01000000
023,2,Min. stop,72...95 %,of throttle valve positioner
023,3,Emergency stop,60...92 %,of throttle valve positioner
023,4,Max. stop,34...70 %, of throttle valve positioner
024,0,Traction control,,When loss of traction is recognised how the engine torque is reduced to prevent wheel spin can be assessed in this display group
024,1,Engine speed
024,2,rdction stages,0 ... 12
024,3,ABS Reqd torque,-100...410
024,4,Actual torque,-100...300
025,0,system status,The display shows which systems are being activated by the engine control unit
025,1,Engine speed
025,2,Engine load,0.0...10.0
025,3,System status,123,1 Energy statement for heating-up Cat 2 Intake manifold change-over 3 Camshaft adjustment
;026 usually 090
026,0,Camshaft timing,To bring the camshaft into the adjusted position accelerate the vehicle in 1st gear from rest
026,1,Engine speed
026,2,Engine load,0.0...10.0
026,3,cam timing, cntrl bank 1,-3.0 ... 6.0 idle 16.0 ... 25.0 adjusted
026,4,cam timing, cntrl bank 2,-3.0 ... 6.0 idle 16.0 ... 25.0 adjusted
027,0,Camshaft timing system
027,1,system status,123,1 Energy statement for heating-up Cat 2 Intake manifold change-over 3 Camshaft adjustment
027,3,cam timing, cntrl bank 1,-3.0 ... 6.0 idle 16.0 ... 25.0 adjusted
027,4,cam timing, cntrl bank 2,-3.0 ... 6.0 idle 16.0 ... 25.0 adjusted
028,0,ignore until 095
095,0,Basic Function load timing and coolant
095,1,Engine speed
095,2,Engine load,0.0...10.0
095,3,Ignition timing,12.0°
095,4,Coolant temp,-40...125
096,0, ignore
097,0, ignore
;098 similar to 003
098,0,Throttle valve potentiometer
098,2,idling pos volts,0...5
098,3,state, idling / part load
098,4,Adaption status,in prog OK or ERR,adaption of throttle valve control part
099,0,Lambda control , the lambda mixture control is de-activated when in "Basic setting" mode and activated when selected in "Read measured value block" mode
099,1,Engine speed
099,2,Coolant temp
099,3,Lambda mixture control,-10...+10
099,4,Basic setting, ON/OFF,press keys 4 & 8 to switch between "Basic setting" and "Read measured value block".
; coding
C00,Engine (J220) Coding
C01,??***: Emissions
C02,02 = MVEG I (non-EU Members)
C03,04 = MVEG II (EU Members)
C04,05 = MVEG III (with Sec. Air Injection)
C05,08 = China and Russia/GUS
C06,xx?xx: Powertrain
C07,0 = Front-Wheel-Drive without ASR
C08,1 = Front-Wheel-Drive with ASR
C09,2 = All-Wheel-Drive without ASR
C10,3 = All-Wheel-Drive with ASR
C11,***?x: Transmission
C12,0 = 5-Speed Manual Transmission
C13,5 = 5-Speed Automatic Transmission (01V)
C14,xxxx?: Model
C15,1 = Audi A4 (8D)
C16,2 = Audi A6 (4
C17,3 = Audi A8 (4D)
; adaptation
A001,0,Idle Speed
A001,1,Engine Speed,(actual)
A001,2,Engine Speed,(specified)
A001,3,A/C Readiness,,Range: A/C-Low / A/C-High
A001,4,A/C Compressor,,Range: Compr.OFF/Compr.ON
A091,0,Immobilizer Status
A091,5,Immobilizer Status (Read Only)
A091,6,0 = Immobilizer not matched (NEW)
A091,7,1 = Immobilizer disabled
A091,8,4 = Immobilizer matched (System OK)
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