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SunniP87 09-19-2011 09:45 AM

Oil where it shouldn't be
Howdy all! Recently bought a '94 2.0 16v coupe, was changing the spark plugs and noticed that the plugs from cylinders 2 and 3 were totally drenched in oil when I pulled them out, there was some oil on the other two plugs but no where near as much as the middle two.
I've also noticed a small oil leak coming from above the oil filter, oil only flows out here when the engine is running, and there is also a fair bit of oil around and below the rocker gasket.
Any ideas what could be causing this? I've been told it could be the oil rings on pistons 2 and 3 not scraping oil from the cylinder wall on the downstroke, which would mean they need replacing... or could this be a rocker gasket failure?
Any more theories or solutions would be much appreciated.
Many thanks!


evo1couperacing 09-19-2011 02:08 PM

Well first off welcome to the forums. Glad to have you aboard. Yup it's the piston rings for sure and it also sounds like it's time to replace the valve cover gasket. But if you are going to get into all would be a wise decision to change every gasket and have the motor completely rebuilt. You have to take out the pistons to do the rings anyway's a "while i'm in there" type thing ya know. Also do the valves and valves seals aswell when the motor is apart...again another "while i'm in there" solution. Good luck and post back with you progress.

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