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: Hello 2 All

Das Audi Audacity
07-15-2019, 03:55 PM
Hey people, my name is Revyn (Rey) new to the forum not to Das Audi this is my third Audi, first A8 though I’ve owned 2 mk1 TT and thinking of getting another one. I’m here for entertainment, knowledge, and networking (meet like mind VAG owners possible make a new friend). I’ve been turning spanners since before I could drive (thanks dad) I’ve had all sorts of cars from Domestics to Imports and as of late Euros. I ❤️🚘 and mostly like people who ❤️ 🚗. So thanks for being here and welcoming me to the the forum.

07-16-2019, 02:36 AM
Hello, Revyn and welcome to the group! Glad to have you join us. Forum like this is the best way to make new friends and learn something new about a passion that runs deep. Hope you stick around and find it useful!

07-22-2019, 01:30 AM
hello and welcome!