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: New a4 owner

05-24-2019, 01:33 PM
Hi all just brought my first audi
Iv been browsing the site and thought id introduce myself
Im lee i now own a 2007 a4 quattro and i can say im enjoying the drive having came from bmws for the past few years.Its nice to be back in a petrol after having alot of diesels 😁

05-24-2019, 02:07 PM
Looking for abit of help if anyone can

The car was running cool which has now been sorted by replacing the thermostat*

I noticed it was a little down on power beforehand but after having the thermostat replaced i have noticed that once it has been up to temp for around 10 minutes there seems to be no boost at all*

Midland vw diagnosed it as faulty dv,which i have had replaced today.I was excited to pick it up today and find a whole lot more power but sadly that wasnt the case

They have told me that the*intercooler*has a small leak so although it is boosting better it is not running as it should

On warm up it seems to drive so much better than before lots of power but as soon as it has been hot for 10 mins again it is just gutless,i would say*it is the equivilant of a 1.6 NA engine

So my question is could a small*intercooler*leak make all the power go once the car is hot or am i looking at a number of issues ?*

There are no codes being thrown due to this fault*

Any help would be much appreciated