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: New to the forum and the Audi family

Rich Louis
03-29-2019, 07:18 AM
Hey everyone joined the audi family with an 02 a4 1.8t, loving the car its bullet proof great awd and snappy... Got 162k on the clock and nothing wrong with my new baby at all... The question is i am looking at APR tuning and malone tuning (liking the apr tune more) probly going to have it tuned and wondering what other upgrades i should be considering like upgrading the turbo and the diverter valve, what about suspension though or brakes? Will the stock suspension and brakes be able to keep up with the engine upgrades or will i be also looking at upgrading those as well? Any other help is welcome would really like to hear about common problems i should be on the look for as well... Anyways thanks for the help, glad to be an Audi owner probly wont drive anything else now lol