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: New Owner of an Old S4!

11-22-2018, 05:36 PM
Hello Audi Forums and Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

My name is Chad and Iím from sunny Southern California. I previously had a B8 A4 which was sadly crushed by a tree last month, which resulted in me picking up a B7 S4! I figured I would get my feet wet in the Audi scene now since I never did while I had the A4.

Iím also an avid motorcyclist and the proud owner of a Triumph Daytona 675!

11-22-2018, 05:49 PM
Place holder for future fun stuff.

11-23-2018, 03:03 AM
Hello Chad, welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining us and showing your Audi, looks beautiful. Lots of know legible and friendly folks here as well as informative and insightful discussion threads. Hope you stick around and find this forum useful!