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: New member in emergency

11-18-2018, 02:49 AM
Hi guys I'm new here and broke down in Nor Cal 😱 99 Audi A4 b5.5 awm / aeb 1.8t

11-18-2018, 03:02 AM
Looking for help in proper login codes to clear antitheft after battery died and tons of repairs including ignition swap (lost key while broke down last 2 months in another state not my own. I bought an obdeleven which isn't that helpful for my 99 a d found out the hard way my car had an engine swap at some point due to an accident so it's been fun I've replaced oil pan, throttle body, ignition control module , maf, and the only code left is antitheft I've bought two fobs online after losing original ( my dog takes my tools and etc. If I don't throw a stick fast enough he's #1 ( suspect in key missing) and so now it will start and not stay running the second I touch the gas it dies and I'm so far up out of any town I have primarily been the one working on my Audi (as I do with all my vehicles) but this is over my head and I'm not a real mechanic just a girl from Oregon who was raised in the shop. 🙂