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: 93 100s. No start, at a loss as were to look.

11-12-2018, 05:27 PM
Hi all. I have been lurking for a few months now. I bought a 1993 100s automatic a few months back. The car was for sale for awhile but didnít want to spend the money on it so I waited. Finally the price dropped to were I was willing to pick it up. The previous owner overheated the car on the highway. He said he pulled right over but that turned out to not be true. The car needed a motor so I was able to find one in good shape and installed it. I was very careful to make sure everything got hooked up as it came apart. The only connector I have left over seems to be a temp sensor ??? for the EGR but the original EGR did not have this. The one from the new motor seemed in better shape so I left it on. At this point I can get the motor to crank over but Iím not getting any spark. The check engine light is working and I pulled codes, only got 4444. The tach is not working and and the motor is not firing. I read some where to turn the key on and test for voltage on the red and black wires going to the crank position sensor. I am not getting any voltage at all. At this point Iím out of ideas and when I came home today I had a warning from the city about the car not being registered or running so I really need to get this fixed. Any help would be awesome.