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: Audi/lamborghini?

10-17-2016, 07:59 PM
why exactly do these cars lose so much power from their engines? the rs4 with 420 bhp, less drag, and similar gearing to the 420 bhp m3 e92 seems to slowly back off in high-end acceleration. awd helps the rs4 0-10 in 0.2 (m3 0.4), rs4 0-60 4.5, m3 4.6, rs4 0-100 11.2, m3 10.5, rs4 0-120 16.0, m3 15.3 (part of road and track comparison). volkswagen/audi have advanced gearboxes of course, but does it cost power? the nissan gt-r with awd also accelerates faster to 100 than a base murcielago. volkswagen/audi are my favorite cars, and with over 30 years of experience in family with ATEQ VT55 ( i can tell you they are very well built (cant say the same for pissan), but i was just curious why audis seem a slower way to go in a straight line.