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: 2008 Camshaft Problem

Jared Behymer
03-13-2016, 08:29 PM
Hey everyone! So I'm just trying to stay happy through this whole thing now. So, I found out that about 5,000 miles ago (before I had the car) that my Cam follower had a hole in it and caused damage to my Camshaft. I just bought the car less than 400 miles ago. The dealership had no information with the car to my knowledge. They cleared the check engine code that referred to my high pressure fuel pump. They are staying honest for right now and fixing the issue due to the lemon law. Unknown to myself, until today, the service book is hidden under the steering wheel! Unlike in all of my other cars where it is in the glove box. Inside is multiple service reports stating that the car had these problems! Did my dealer know about them? I have no idea. I hear this is a common problem with the B7... but apparently the 2008 model isn't covered? Can anyone clarify? Besides that... is it safe to drive with "damage to the camshaft"? I don't know how bad the damage is... Please help.:crying2: