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: 1999 A4- Wont shift out of first, revs up and then dies...

09-03-2015, 12:40 AM
I have a 1999 Audi A4 Quattro I'm working on (my parents extra vehicle). About a year ago, it was driving just fine, but started having issues with the locks and window. It was then parked, and has sat that way fo most of the last year (I was out of the country or would have looked into this sooner). I recently got around to diagnosing it, and after some research on this forum, I replaced the central locking vacuum pump assembly, and all windows and locks are now working as they should again.

The problem now is that the car wont drive. If you start it from "P" or "N", the engine will rev up, but then go into a very low idle. If you turn the steering wheel, the battery light will come on, and idle will decrease even further. Then, putting the transmission in drive and moving forward, the engine will rev up to 2K RPM's (no higher), then abruptly cut all of the way down to about 200 RPM's, almost dying (or sometimes dying out immediately). After doing this a few times (accelerating briefly while the engine revs, then having it cut off and almost dying) the engine will die, with all of the warning lights coming on. You can restart it, but it will just repeat its low idle->Drive up to high rev->cut to low rev->die cycle.

The car (apparently) drove great before it wasp parked last year, and all that has been done to it since was me pulling out the central locking vacuum pump and replacing it. Any ideas on this issue?

09-20-2015, 09:42 AM
As an update, and a bump in case someone here can help, yesterday we started it, let it idle for a bit, and disconnected the MAF to see effect. It immediately shut off, as expected. From my research it seems that this issue would now not be attributable to the MAF.

After that we pumped out as much of the old gas as we could, and put in 5 gallons of premium. The same issues arose. When we started it it would turn over but immediately die unless we gave it gas right off of the bat. When giving it gas, we could only keep it around 1000 RPM's, as anything more and it threatened to cut out. If we revved the engine, it would increase RPM's to a max of 2200 and then immediately cut off.

Hoping someone here can help.