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: 2013 Audi S5 Review

02-05-2013, 05:26 PM

Itís a change more questionable than the song you sang as a kid debating the merits of black socks. For those of you too engrained in adulthood, the song goes something like this: ďBlack socks, they never get dirty, the longer you where them the stronger they get. Sometimes I think I should change them but something keeps telling me no, no. Not yet.Ē

Well, as childish as V8s may seem to certain people, itís hard not to breathe a nostalgic breath when being passed by the 2013 S5ís naturally aspirated predecessor Ė a car we advised you to buy last year when Audi announced it would retire the eight-cylinder engine.

Thatís assuming youíre going to be getting passed, though.

You see, along with hacking away two cylinders, all 325 lb-ft of torque is routed to the carís four round feet via Audiís quattro all-wheel drive system. Thatís several hundred revolutions-per-minute sooner than the sacrificed V8, meaning youíd actually have the advantage from a stoplight.

Audi did send a few ponies to the glue factory this year, though. The supercharged six makes 333 hp at peak output (5500 rpm) compared to 354 at 7000 last year. How frequently both of those figures work into daily driving is between you and the boys in blue, but thereís a good chance youíll never mind the difference.

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