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: 1997 cabrio window problems

05-20-2012, 04:06 PM
i have a 97 1.8 cabriolet manual, manual roof,with electric rear windows that 1 by 1 stopped working, currently in the closed (THANKFULLY)POSITION, WHEN I OPERATE DOOR SWITCH YOU HEAR THE WINDOW MOTOR (solenoid) knock..the centre window switch has never worked ,had the car 1 month.. no history either..gonna do it up.. got cheap hard top and half fitting kit 8go 817 176a ..got a rs2 rieger front bumper..anyway new car, new probs... any ideas on window fix..oh i checked 60 amp fuse under steering column..confused as why 1 then other should pack up, im sure its not the actual rear windows.. thanks ..

06-19-2012, 08:50 AM
We have owned a '96 Cabriolet (2.8, which was the only one available in the US) since 2001.
I have seen my share of electrical issues, including the center switch that controls all the windows simultaneously not working.
I was able to repair it be locating the associated relay.
I can't recall if it was located in one of the fuse panels under the steering column, or if it was under the passenger's side of the dash near the climate control blower motor.
Anyway, it is a rather large (tall) relay, with a metal housing on it.
If you pry back the mounting tabs on the metal housing, it can be removed.
Inside, you will find a small circuit board with various resistors and other misc electronic components mounted on it.
Look very closely at each of the solder joints on this printed circuit board, and I bet you'll find one that has a stress crack in it that is causing an open circuit condition.
With any luck, all you'll need to do is heat and reflow the solder with a soldering iron and that should fix the problem.
That worked for me, and saved me the $180 replacement part cost.

BTW, I was not aware that there was an optional hard top available for that vehicle.
Is that an Audi part, or an aftermarket one?