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: Problem with AirMass Flow Sensor

Ivo Dalton
05-15-2012, 06:56 AM
Audi A8 S-line 3.3 TDI automatic,quattro, BiTurbo (2 airmass flow sensors).
It was all good,when,before 3 weeks,the car began to work very poor sound it sounds like gas engine not diesel,and when i was trying to speed up,there was no power like i am driving a bike,not car :),a black smoke showed from back...i put the car on a Computer,Bosch software,it showed:
AirMass Flow Sensor 1 does not work etc......and that amount of air is about 600mg,and the other sensor(good one) is 378mg.......
i ordered original Bosch MAF in AUDI SERVICE ,the changed it,but the problem wasn`t solved.......i've noticed that connector of the MAF was broken,and someone used a glue to fix it........Is there any chance that the MAF is OK but there is a problem with the connector or voltage? or maybe the malfunction of MAF caused a Turbo problems????

17 may ,edit:
The engine is acting like the MAF sometimes works sometimes not.(the change is whe i turn off the engine and start again.........Maybe its some contact from ECU to MAF or?

06-03-2012, 12:19 AM
Ensure that the main vacuum tube is properly connected. I had a rough idle and loss of power as well as jumping RPMs and all it was; the main intake was about 40% connected to the rear of the engine.