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: 89 80 quattro falls on its face HARD

04-25-2012, 01:25 AM
Ok so I got my Audi running. Turns out the cylinders were all washed out from too much gas.(my fault pouring gas in the cylinders to get it to fire. New plugs and it fired right up. Now I have another issue, I should really invest in a manual. The problem is its stumbling, cutting out, bucking under acceleration. It idles just fine but when youre on it it runs crappy. It has no rhythm or rhyme however, sometimes it does it on low rpms, others its over 2500rpm. Any ideas guys? Need some help with this one. I did notice the O2 sensor is just hanging by the wire. Idiot who had it had new exhaust put on but didnt bother with the 02(lambda)! Sorry so long winded. :o

*New fuel filter
*New coil/module
*Tried a different distributor, no luck
*New plugs

05-21-2012, 11:57 PM
Hey Jerry...Greg here. Ummm ya that would be your problem right there. If you dont have the O2 sensor connected properly it will send the car into limp mode and thus makes the ECU think that the car is getting to little fuel and thus dumps it into the cylinders. But in retrospect it's running very rich. So you need to connect the O2 properly and ensure that all sensors are in working order. Best way to do this is to invest in a bentley manual for your car and pull the codes off the ECU. Goodluck. Post back.