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: B5 96 model automatic gearbox

04-19-2012, 01:53 AM
I drive an A4 96 b5 model with automatic gearbox.Every morning when i start the car and engage the (R)reverse gear,the car simply switches off- the gear does not engage.After letting the car idling for a good 10 minutes it engages in reverse and moves.
When i put into D it does the same, after a few attempts it moves forward but then when i hit the brake, the whole car tilts--back and forth-as if it's searching for an idling range - then switches off--When i start the car again i put in N then D..when i stop i have to press the brake pedal hard then it tilts but won't switch off.Eventually after driving for a 20 minutes, all gears are normal and stops normal.

05-05-2012, 08:46 AM
It may be a hydraulic issue, relating to the gear oil within the box. For a start I would replace the fluid as my first trouble-shooting attempt. VAGCom might be able to give you some clues if its generating any error codes.