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: Help advice needed please.

04-16-2012, 02:13 PM
hi all, i bought an s3 friday with spongy brakes, it hade bin standing a bit, i read sumwhere on hear about sticky real brake calipers b4 i bought it, so thought all i wood have to do was free the capailers if pospable and bleed the brakes, it sort of fells like its braking only on servo brakes not abs, but no lights are on in dash, the discs and pads look fine, the problem is today reading on hear how to bleed then, i come asross loads of threads saying things like, it will need to go on vagcom to bleed the brakes, and sumthing to do with esp,, carnt i just bleed the brakes normanly? does it need to go on vagcom? has my s3 even got esp? its a 1999 audi s3 apy code i think.
thanks in advance..