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: 01 Quattro dies while driving...

Craig B
04-03-2012, 09:38 AM
This started last week (twice) so I replaced the fuel filter. Seemed like a cheap, easy place to start. Died again this evening after about 15 mins of driving, but 45 mins into work this morning was fine. When it happens it will start back up after about 30-40 minutes. At cruising speed ,60-70mph, no problem, get back down to third gear and it will kill. I did notice that the temp seemed to be climbing a bit faster than it used to. No CEL. Have done some reading and came up with the obvious (fuel pump) and CTS or CPS. Any thoughts? When it rains it pours....as I'm dealing with excessive rear tire wear as well! Love my TT, just new to her and need some advice to keep her happy.