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: Help me identify this wire...

04-02-2012, 08:35 PM
So, I just got done performing a timing belt swap on my 2002 S4. I am in the process of putting the front of my car back on, and I have a wire that I can't identify. I have checked both the Bentley, and the DIY guide that I was following with no help from either. Here is a picture of the thing...

The picture is of the passenger side intercooler. You can see the female side of the connector that barely reaches where you see it in the picture. Here is a little more information about the wire:

It has about 2 inches of play from where it is snapped into the wire routing in the grill.

It is bundled with the AC condenser wire, and those are the only two wires that are routed there.

It is a two prong attachment

The wires that go into the back of the connector are colored brown, and red with a yellow stripe.

There does not appear to be a matching plug on the driver side.

I have looked for the last hour, without seeing anything that it could plug into. Here are things that I have eliminated as possibilities:

Turn signal
Fog Light

Is there a plug like this on the passenger side radiator fan? It is POSSIBLE that it was just a loose wire, but I don't remember seeing it when I was moving the carrier into the service position.

Any help is appreciated!

04-05-2012, 03:02 PM
So, some possibilities that I'm throwing around in my head are....

Fan control unit
Air conditioner fan on front
Auxiliary fan on back of radiator

Do any of these have a two wire connector?

Are there any temp sensors on the passenger side near the intercooler? I was pulling plugs trying to take the entire front off for easy access, but gave that idea up when I could not get the two hoses on the bottom passenger side off. In the profess, I may have unplugged something that didn't NEED to be unplugged for the timing belt change.