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: audi 80 1994 tdi avant - wheel bearing noise?

03-06-2012, 06:13 AM
Since about 2000 miles ago I have an increase in driving noise, I believe its probably from the right wheel bearing. Would welcome opinions though...

Strange thing is the noise appeared rather suddenly on a trip where I was following a truck which I thought was rather noisy, but the truck turned off but the noise continued with me!

Noise really only appears above 40mph and tends to fade (into the general driving noise) above 65. At its peak (about 50mph) I would say it appears to account for about 25% of driving noise. I would call it a kind of fairly continuous droning.

Its not related to the engine as it occurs equally while coasting or under power. There may be a slight increase when putting the power on.

I tried to test the noise while in turns, and perhaps there is a slight increase when driving in a left hand turn but not in a right. As the noise is present only at speed this is tricky. There is no problem on hard lock turns at low speeds.

I have jacked up the car and checked for any unusual play and would say I cant find anything, and the wheels do not appear to have any significant roughness in rotation.

I have also swapped wheels front to back partly to rule out any contribution of tyre noise.

I took the car into a garage and the mechanic examined it and road tested it and said there was nothing he could conclusively say.

I had assumed the noise would get worse and the diagnosis would be easier and definitive over time but this seems not to be the case.

On the whole I would like my car to be rather quieter again, but its difficult to justify replacing the wheel bearing if I cant say there is something wrong with it!

Does anybody have any experience or views on the problem? Is there any other potential area I should consider, such as drive shafts? Whats the usual degenerative part for a wheel bearing problem?

Cars done 200k. Had the left front bearing changed at about 90k but the right ones never been touched.

Any advice appreciated!