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: Boost Issue...?

03-01-2012, 09:42 PM
Hello Guys, I Purchased the AWE boost gauge this weekend and installed it it works perfect! However the gauge has indicated what I was worried about... Inconstant boost. I have the Revo Chip and a k&N with drilled air box and brand new forge 008 Diverter valve... What is happening is in ALL gears my car will climb up into the correct boost range 1-3 15-17psi 4-6 20-21psi but after about 5500 rpm's the boost will start to fall off dramatically down to about 10psi. you can hear and feel when the boost starts to die out. I was thinking it could be my Turbo inlet pipe collapsing not sure. Would this be a boost leak? Any insight would be greatly useful!!!

Thank you,