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: Common Problems

02-05-2012, 08:32 PM
Hey there, I'm new here as I found this forum while trying to do some research of the apparent issues I've been informed of with the 2008+ A4's.

I have a friend who is an Audi mechanic, and he says they continually get the B8's in to replace the CVT gear boxes!

As well as:
- Water Pumps
- EGR Valves and Coolers
- Alternator Pulleys and Belts
- Wheel Bearings
- Ball Joints
- Control Arms

I thought I would also ask online as well, to see if this is really such a large scale issue that has been made out to be. How many of you have encountered issues with these cars.

I'm going for a CVT thing as most of my driving lands me in traffic, and more often than not I get over the manual thing. I test drove the 2008 2.7TDI and I loved it!

I just don't want to spend AU$40k on a car that'll end up costing me more money to repair issues. That's why I'm getting out of modified cars in the first place!

However, I am yet to find a model of car that hasn't had issues. It just seems that these ones seem to be make or break!

Through my reading online, a lot of the issues seem to radiate from the B6/B7 Audi's, and I don't seem to be able to find as much on the B8's. Does that mean that it has been mostly sorted? And my friend is encountering a bunch of lemons?

I do know that you hear less about happy owners than you do about unhappy owners, as they're the ones that tend to need to speak out about things for help!

02-21-2012, 02:04 PM
At the risk of tempting fate, I have had a B8 A4 FSI 3.2 since May last year, and have not had any issues - touch wood. Mine however is a Manual Gearbox as I had also encountered the bad press on the B6 CVT gearboxes.

03-01-2012, 11:35 PM
I ended up calling an Audi tech at one of the major dealerships here in Sydney, and asked him about it.

He told me the B8 had most of the issues ironed out, and he hasn't encountered the same problems the B6 and B7 apparently had!

So I went through with the sale, loving it so far!