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: doors controlled by poltergeist ? long post...

01-11-2012, 05:36 PM
hi all. I have an all road but hoping problems similar in this forum

passenger footwell got very wet back in summer, but since then it has been dry after I fixed the bulkhead bung. a few weeks ago the drivers door iced up and i had to pour hot water over it to get it to unfreeze and lock. then about a wek later problems started. now driving along the door central locking is firing randomly. If I park car and don't lock it the windows put themselves down automatically. slowly at first inching their way down in bursts, then generally all the way down.
driving along the interior lights front and centre come on in time with the door locks firing ( I've turned them off now ! ).

a couple of times the remote has failed to work to lock or unlock. I leave it an hour and it is ok.

My limited knowledge points to either the drivers door lock mechanism and or the ECU under passenger floor.

my question is can anyone with knowledge or prior experience point me to some things to try first. Love the car apart from this !


01-11-2012, 05:39 PM
Sorry ALLroad not all road

anyway, I had codes read and it showed the crash sensor triggered ?

drivers door lock open/ contact

drivers door not going safe

passenger door not going safe

many thanks, anything to help my sanity !