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: Factory alarm

01-06-2012, 03:24 PM
Hi, anyone know how to disconnect/disable the factory fitted alarm on a '91 90 20v? Battery kept going flat after leaving the car for a couple of days. Got a new battery anyway as it was old. New one flat now as left the car for 3 days over the new year. Alternator works fine. Any other ideas to what it might be? Cheers, Mark

01-07-2012, 06:55 AM
ck & make sure the alt regulator is not staying "on", does alt stay warm ? like from over night sitting?.
if u hook a ditigal volt meter to batt , pull fuses till batt drain stops, could be a stuck relay, ck that wire sys. eng CPU & raido will have a slight drain. alam sys should have a direct 12v + leed.

01-12-2012, 11:06 PM
Yup....I'm with royemello on this one.