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12-18-2011, 01:31 PM
Really must get my picture changed. The car shown was sold nearly two years ago.:)

Anyways...............I now have a 2.0 TFSI S-Line Cabriolet..........tuned to 256BHP.....although this has nothing to do with this post.

A few months ago an annoying rattle appeared, completely out of the blue as I was driving over a sleeping policeman. It sounded at first like it was coming from the drivers door. Inspection later in the day and I saw it was actually one of the torsion arms under the engine bay. A bolt holding it in place must have worked loose and the bar was rattling against the chassis frame...especially when driving on bumpy roads.
As the car was still under warrenty. I rang the dealer and they asked me to bring the car in.
A computer check on the parts system located the 'AUDI SPECIFIC BOLT' actually cost 85 pence but they said they would order it and fit it for free. (nice of them ...isn't it)
It took 4 days for the bolt to be delivered and they sent it direct to me........problem being it needs an 'AUDI SPECIFIC TOOL' to put the damn thing in.
So I still had to drive the car to the dealer (after having to book it in on a particular day)....................I drove the car to the dealers and said I would wait. After long does it take to screw in a bolt.
It took an hour.....thats how long.

I drove off happy that the annoying rattle had been resolved.

It took 3 months for the bolt to remove itself once again. :mad:

Instead of wasting precious time in taking it back to the Audi dealers where the 'AUDI SPECIFIC TOOL FOR THE AUDI SPECIFIC BOLT' obviously did not tighten up bolts properly.........................I took the car to my chums who run their own vehicle restoration business. They designed and made an aluminium pedal set for me when I had the B6 saloon.
Thet took a quick look..........rummaged around in their parts department and actually cut a new thread on the chassis on both sides of the car and fitted new bolts.

I have checked the bolts periodically ever since they did it and not a shake, rattle or roll in sight. :)

Just another one of those stories all of those out there who are always saying things like "I never take my car anywhere other than a reputable Audi dealer"

I got fed up paying over the top for servicing and repair by main dealers years ago. There is no guarantee that they do it any better than a reputable (better still.........recommended by word of mouth)...service agent.

12-30-2011, 08:18 PM
Nice story! Although dealers like tightening bolts with hydraulic drivers without looking if it goes in thread, they sometimes have advantage of knowing specific repair procedures. ELSA forever. Equally good experience for suspension going to dealer or not on my side.