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: WTB stock 386cc injectors

11-30-2011, 10:33 AM
First of all - sorry if i'm in wrong section, but I'm looking to buy CHEAP used stock injectors with bosch numbers: 0280155892 or 0280155893 (06A 906 031 J) or 0280156063 or 0280156064 (06A 906 031 BC). Tried to search through ebay but came up with only result from uk and dude doesn't even offer international shipping. All the other results were for new injectors which are way to pricey for me atm. If there are anyone who upgraded their tt/s3 to bigger injectors and have old ones (386cc) useless laying around I could buy them for a small price ;) I would pay via PayPal. Injectors destination: Lithuania, Europe :)

P.S> I need 4 injectors :)