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: ViseeO MOSTO help

11-26-2011, 04:56 PM
Hi my first post so here goes.

I have a A6 SE 3.0TDi MMI high 3g 5570 with Motorola phone in the armrest, The phone worked well with a Vodafone sim, but I wanted BT from my HTC Desire, so I went for the ViseeO MOSTO . Installation was easy after following the YouTube video.
The problem I have is the manual for the Viiseeo says to set dip switch 8 to ON, which I did, the phone synced up great even the phone book, but no BT music through the CD changer option. If I set dip switch 8 to off then I get music and phone but it stops working about 30 seconds later. I did find some other Documentation that said turn dip switch 8 off " with CD changer only" so have you guys come across this..Thanks