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: Help with 1994 80 avant tdi quiries Please???

Dubz 69
11-04-2011, 11:33 AM
Hi all,
- have recently purchased an audi 80 avant tdi & its my 1st audi. :) so there's a few little things I want to find out about it, firstly where will I get info on oil changes & best oil to use & how many litres etc? Or any info on my modal at all ! Also I've noticed that there is a banging sound from the rear when going over small bumps?? Any ideas on that? & the accelarator pedal seems really close to the floor compared to my previous cars,is this the norm on the tdi? & finally there is a piece of metal at the rear under the car,on the drivers side that looks like a bit of exhaust box hanging down but the exhaust is the other side??? Any info I will be gratefull of thanks :)