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: 2007 Q7 3.0 S-Line Niggles & Naggles

09-28-2011, 04:06 AM

one of my few posts, much more avid reader than writer it seems.

I have a 2007 s-line and need a bit of advice on a few things that have cropped up recently:

- every so often a warning light pops up to say the rear brake light is faulty - check the light and it's working then the warning simply disappears after time

- a piece of the plastic trim on the rear wheel arch (curved and about 6 inches long) fell off. I've got the piece but need some advice about how best to reattach it - looks like the glue has failed. audi want 79+fitting+VAT to do the work. They say it isn't covered under my extended warranty - are they fibbing to me?

- i want to fit a towbar so we can attach a bike rack. can anyone recommend a system and whether with s-line trim and a reversing camera i'm going to have any issues? i'm in the uk and have been looking at PF Jones Witter Tow bars, Westfalia Towbars, Price Promise all Tow bars. Eberspacher Main Dealer (http://www.pfjones.co.uk/)

- my other half is the main driver of the car, but we've had a couple of incidents of 'kerb rash' on the 21s. any recco's on who best to get the rims repaired by?

i think that's about my question quota taken up. :eek:

Cheers in advance

Q7 kev
10-13-2011, 01:50 PM
hi, i fitted the westfalia removable tow bar, with vehicle specific wiring, sold seperately, search ebay for big companies selling the kits, I think it was about 400 shots all in.

Fitting it wasnt too bad, rear bumper off, the wiring was the trickiest part in the boot.

Make sure you recode it with VCDS after.

towbar is solid, looks great and fits away under boot storage in the foam tray.

not sure about bike rack as I tow a Jet ski, sensors are auto shut off at back when towing electrics used, if your not hooking electris then youll just have to rely on your cam.

im sure there is a fitting guide with pics on a forum somewhere, search it.

I have had the same issue with the bulbs, cleared the fault codes, new bulbs and it hasnt been back.

hope this helps.