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: engine failure

09-22-2011, 01:06 PM
plese can someone give me some advice on this matter,my q7 has had a major engine failure the car is a 56 reg with 59,720 miles on the clock the car was bought from an audi main dealer by myself two years ago,the car has been serviced as per schedule using audi parts by a local garage,not a main dealer.last friday the car went into the local garage to have an oil change and a new pollen filter fitted the correct oil and filter were fitted.The car was driven over the weekend and covered approx 200 miles with no problems.on the monday the car developed a huge knocking noise in the engine.no warning lights have appeared.the car was recovered to audi.They are now saying that some thing has broken inside the engine and metal fragments are in the oil,they are of the opinion that the engine is beyond repair.The car is out of warrenty and they cant tell me exactly what has cased the problem.can any one help and tell me what has happened,how do i stand with audi with the car having such low milage.:(