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08-30-2011, 12:27 AM
I had the oil changed on my 06 A4 1.8 T cabriolet and the mechanic hits me with his suggested repair list. Front upper suspension arm (both sides) needing to be replaced ($1,200) and one of the engine mounts has been compressed and needs to be replaced ($650). The car drives and handles great, no vibration in the wheel, no shudder in front end or steering wheel. (I do have some vibration in the rear that feels like a have a tire needing to be rebalanced) In the past when I have had tirod / suspension problems with other cars you get symptoms when somthing in the suspension or steering is going bad. Just had new set of tires put on three months ago along with alignment and no one mentioned any problem, which is usually when front end problems are found. Just paid the Euro repair shop $2,000 back in May when the TCM went out and I asked them at that time to check out the car and see what else needed to be fix, which they gladley accomadated for an additional $1,200 thus a total repair of $3,200. I would have thought the suspension arm would have come to light at that time as well.
So folks what are your thoughts? Is this a common issue with A4 or is the Euro repair shop just trying to get in some extra repair dollars. (do plan to get a second opinion in the next few weeks.
In regards to the engine mount are there signs / symptoms I can look for to see if this is an actual issue?