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08-10-2011, 09:22 PM
How goes it! im new to this forum and im sure these questions have been asked before but with all the sub forums on this forum i could be searching forever. my wife has a 2007 a4 fwd 2.0t and i just got a wild hair to mod it (i was told i could mod my truck any more :( ) so on to her car. i was reading that chiping the car and adding an aftermarket exhaust were the best things to do for the car short of a new turbo. so im looking for reviews on exhausts as far as preformance gains and sound. I was also noticing in my goolge searching that there are a lot of the exhausts were for quattero models would they still work for fwd a4? also looking for reviews on chips. Nice to be here im sure ill have more questions for you guys and girls soon :D