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: Help needed, in understanding A6 - Newbie :-|

08-08-2011, 04:51 AM
Dear All A6 owner,

I am looking forward to buy A6 TDI 2006 - 2007. I own Bmw 6 series V8, since I travel a lot, therefore I am looking for a decent economical solution,and I think a6 is quite good. Since I am new to Audi, I dont know the terms and tech, therefore I would appreciate a lot if you guys 'current owners' can help me in understanding which model to pic, I have few specific questions:

1 - S line , is it better than non-sline as I like the look and sporty seats

2- what is the MMI bit, I see lot of discussion on it, people talk about upgrading them, is it only a software thing or does it require hardware upgrade.

3- Can I play mp3 ? I see there are some discussion on upgrading, what is the basic requirement that a6 have to have to allow it to upgrade to mp3 ?

4- and finally what is the true mpg out of 2 litre diesel 2006 - 07, even identifying total miles per full tank will do.

5- are there any common faults in A6 to look for in the yr 2006 - 07

Many thanks in advance

08-19-2011, 01:44 PM
cant answer all of them i have the 3.0l diesel 2006

but S Line also gives you the suspension upgrade which some see as a rough ride (i think its fine) and i prefer the looks and interior

audi MMI is the brain in the dash board that gives you access to the NAV, Radio, CD player, TV, Phone etc

it comes in 2-3 variants for the 06 07 models mmi and MMI High (sometimes called + or 2g/3g i think) the high is far superior as you get a decent screen and much better menus (the low has a nasty little bar screen with pixel like graphics)

if you think of doing any upgrades to the car the MMI version must be compatible thats hardware wise (2g/3g) and software version wise

MP3 playback is possible through the MMI with the interface upgrade (ive forgotten its name!!) it all lives in the glovebox, strapped to the top, My car has an aftermarket version that is identical to audis one and allows me to use my iphone through MMI or just plug in usbs and such.

common faults in diesel A6 from 2006 is the faulty injectors. they had a bad batch which wear out and cause clouds of white smoke to pour out when the car has idled for longer than 30 secs! (quite easy to find then!) it happens when you accelerate away from idle and is usually when the engine is cold. Its a 1500-3000 job minimum (and thats if audi give you a discount!!!)

If your really concerned with long mileage look into getting one with the 80litre fuel tank upgrade!

08-19-2011, 01:47 PM
heres a list of all TSB's out on the a6 from 2005 to now

Audi A6 TSB List (