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: Strange issues with AC

07-03-2011, 09:44 AM
Hi guys,

on my 1999 2.8L 5sp manual, have strange gremlins with AC.
AC works fine, sometime.
Sometime don't work and just blow warm air.
I checked the freon, and it's full.
So, no problems there, don't lose any freon.
Now, last month was changed timing belt, water pump, pullies, etc... and was running great.
AC was working fine after that.
I had some error code recently, don't remember which one, but was something about changing some hoses for vacuum.
After that AC wasn't same, wasn't cooling at all.
I thought it's freon low or something, connected to low side port and was great.
Double/tripple checked all of those vacuum hoses that I was changing and everything is fine.
Did one by one when changed, so I didn't connect wrong hose somewhere.
Didn't use those braided hoses like the original were.
Changed air filter & cabin air filter.
Thought that will fix the problem, but nada. Nix.

When I use thermostat and stick inside middle went on dash board sometime when start cooling it's showing up 50+F, which is not bad.
Compressor is engaging, I am sure of that. I don't hear any strange noise from compressor, or smell or anything, but it's really strange, that it's workig sometime and sometime not.
When I press Circulation button and Up and/or Down button it's showing up 1C.
If I change temp with +/- and after that start working fine and cooling like use to be before.

So, anyone have/had similar experience with???
Anyone knows where to look at??
What I need to check next??
Any idea how to fix those gremlins??
Do I need to bring to the shop for someone to look at??

Thanks in advance.