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: Another 97 A8 oil leak Question

06-30-2011, 11:39 AM
I have a major oil leak on my Audi. I recently had my timing belt replaced as well as valve cover gaskets and other misc. pulleys and belts. The mechanic I took it to did not recommend replacing the front main as part of the job. I knew I had an oil leak before this work was done but figured it was the valve cover gaskets since he recommended I have them replaced twice. After I got the car back my oil leak had gotten worse. I am now putting in 5 qts of oil every week to two weeks. Mechanic said it was the front main. Is this very likely since they didn't seem to notice it when they had everything apart to do the timing belt and water pump, or is it more likely to be the plastic tubes on the oil cooler?

07-27-2011, 11:13 AM
Ok saw several mentions that the oil cooler could aslo leak antifreeze. The reason I did the Water pump and Timing belt was due to a coolant leak the mechanic said was coming from the water pump. When I purchased the car used I noticed sealant around the Timing chain cover. thought this might be an indication that the belt(atleast) had been changed previously. Since the car had over 150k on the odometer I figured it wouldn't hurt, but when I stood next to the mechanic to try to diagnose the oil leak later he said it was the main seal and it was hitting the serp belt spraying oil everywhere. In my mind I keep thinking that the oil would not hit the serp belt as the main seal is behind the the timing cover. Therefore, wouldn't the oil just run out the bottom of the timing cover and then go back. I have seen many oil leaks managing a quick lube for over five years never have I known oil to defy gravity or go toward the front of the car(unless under pressure). Would've already torn this car apart but my career change to truck driver limits my time at home and my wife uses it to drive our daughter around. I would like to have a very educated guess before I start investing money into parts and taking apart a car I have not had the chance to familarize myself with.