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: Torque/tranny failure signs

06-24-2011, 08:03 AM
In my previous posts(lots of them that is), I've mentioned the torque converter in my son's new aquired '02 A4 3.0 quattro automatic.
What are the signs of a failing converter generally? Worse as they get to temperature? Good when cold?
I need this info b/c the car goes in the 28th of June for the timing belt work etc. and I want to have some knowledge about this stupid shuddering of the car before I go. I don't want the stealership to say something like, 'umm, we think it's the torque converter, let's put a new one in and see if that helps".
Personally, I don't think it has a problem and the tranny shifts smooth, quick and without noise, hesitation etc. No slippage either--none at all. But at idle there is a rather intense vibration in the seats that almost causes your butt to go numb. And again, only when up to temp.
I still say coil packs and those are getting replaced too BTW.
Thoughts please.:confused: