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: Diagnostic tools and your car's health

06-14-2011, 04:58 AM
Because of their investment in the equipment required, most repair shops charge a fee, some-times substantial, to attach the scanning equipment and diagnose problems using the Car DVD Players (http://http://www.keepsupply.com/Wholesale-car-dvd-players_c2356) signals. Home mechanics and small shop technicians have been restricted from working with these signals by the cost and technical complexity of the equipment. With the introduction of more economical and user friendly scanning devices, it is now practical for almost anyone to access Car DVD Players and use them for their own testing and repairs.
Scanners vary greatly in their complexity. The best connect easily and use software to quickly and automatically call up the OBD II Diagnostic Tools (http://http://www.keepsupply.com/Wholesale-car-diagnostic-tool-series_c2384). A system connecting to a laptop or desktop computer provides expanded memory for data and a graphing utility.
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