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: audi tech required Does the site have one??

06-04-2011, 10:34 AM
Recently bought a 1996 cabriolet. abk engine code. Its not really a problem but its a fault. The idle control valve has been wired to a switch under the dash. There is an positive feed to the control valve but the earth has been wired to this switch. Every now and then the car doesnt start when cranking if you push the switch the car will start no problem. The idle is a little eratic as well from time to time again pressing the switch settles it down. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this car or any information as to where and what feeds/ earths the idle control valve. JUdging by ebay idle control valves appear to be popular sellers but the valve appears to work correctly via this add on swicth

06-05-2011, 03:57 PM
hi. sorry cant tell you wiring locations but i have a audi 80 with abk engine. Has the new switch been earthed itself? maybe bad earth for idle valve. i know that cleaning the idle valve can help if its very dirty and sticking , my car has been idleing badly and i just cleaned the idle control valve today and its better but haven't taken it for a long run yet. the valve should have an internal resistance of 2-10 ohms, 2 being cold and get higher when hot. i have tested mine a few times but always comes up at 5ohms when hot or cold. i am guessing the wiring one must come from ecu and other a group earth.
i think the idle conrol valve is fused at number 27 in fuse box.
i have had problems with fuse contacts being dirty and not operating properly so may be worth a look? sorry cant help more, it may be a case of following the wiring maybe finding the problem. have you tried the diagnostics to see if there is something wrong?