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: gear box problem

04-22-2011, 07:27 AM
hi everyone. i own a 89 audi 80e with a auto gearbox. the car was owned by my friend before i brought it off him. when he owned it he had the gearbox rebuilt. ive owned the car for 3 months and about a month ago i started to notice that it would take a few seconds to drop into gear once i put it into drive. well over the last month its gotten worse to the point where in now have to put it into first and rev it to around 2500rpm for up to 3 minutes or so before it will start moving. when slowing down to a lower speed limit it will take a while to drop back a gear and when it does the car will jolt a bit like if you tap the brake pedal. it has no problem with reverse. the only thing that wasnt done to it when it was rebuilt was any of the electrics for the gearbox. ive checked the oil a few times and its clean and full. i dont want to keep driving it if its a big problem that will cost a lot to fix but its the only car ive got and need it to get to work. my mate still has a spare 80e at his place for spares so if its something i can just unclip or unbolt to fix the problem that would be great as i dont realy have the time to swap gearboxes and we dont know the condition of the other gearbox.

thanks Robert.