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: Brakes are dragging on all four corners

04-19-2011, 10:05 AM
I just replaced the front and rear pads and roots on my 2001 AR. WHEN I WAS TAKING THE D SIDE PADS POUT I ACCIDENTALLY PUSHED TO HARD ON ONE PISTON AND IT CAUSED THE OTHER TO POP OUT SO I REMOVED THE CALIPER AND REINSTALLED THE PISTON ON THE WORK BENCH. I RE-INSTALLED THE CALIPER AND BLEED the system just at that corner. well all seemed well for about 250 miles. then as my wife was returning from the store she noticed that the car seem to drag a bit and noticed that she could smell brakes. so she pulled over and called me. the car sat for about an hour then seemed to return to normal brake function. so i drove it home with no issues. the next morning after inspecting the front brakes it took it out for a short drive and noticed that the whole system was dragging again. its like someone is stepping on the brake peddle with just enough pressure to cause drag on all four corners. any advice or in site would be appreciate . thanks for your time.