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: Engine jerking and cutting out

04-18-2011, 09:28 AM
Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with this one:

I have an Audi 80 1.9TDi 1994, the engine jerks when maintaining a constant speed, it will only stop jerking if I change down a gear (which will obviously then use too much fuel!). It also keeps having random fits of cutting out - I could be in traffic or travelling at 70mph - the yellow glow plug light comes on, the engine loses power and eventually stalls. If in traffic it will just cut out. I can normally start it again straight away but it'll just keep stalling every few seconds. Sometimes it won't turn over for a while - all the lights come on when I turn the ignition, but nothing happens after that and I have to wait up to 10mins before I can try again to start the engine.

I've had the fuel filter and an oil pressure sensor replaced as well as the glow plug relay, all of which I was told could be causing the problem. It'll be fine for a few days (apart from the jerking) but then starts cutting out again.

I've also had the car put on a diagnostic computer - it came up with an unknown error (helpful!) and an error relating to a temperature sensor on the inlet manifold. The garage said it was a bad connection and re-connected it, took it for a run and then put it back on the diag - no faults showed up at that point but it's now cutting out again.

If someone can help (preferably before I push the car over a cliff) I would be extremely grateful!

04-18-2011, 05:31 PM
I recently had a similar problem where the engine would crank but wouldn't turn over. After it sat for a while, I was able to start it without any problems. Fortunately, the engine never cut off while I was driving it but it did when the mechanic was looking at it. My mechanic replaced the crankshaft position sensor (or engine speed sensor) and I haven't had any problems since. I also had the jerking that seemed to go away after this was fixed. I hope this helps a little...Good luck!

04-19-2011, 04:30 AM
Thanks Nicholec, I'll suggest this to the garage when I take it in tomorrow. When mine stalls it'll either start immediately or it won't even crank for a few minutes, I have to wait and then try again.

From what I can gather something is activating the fuel cut-off - but what that something is I haven't a clue! I've had a look at several forum posts on the subject and they all have different causes. :confused:

04-19-2011, 09:01 PM
You're welcome. I definitely don't know much about cars but owning an Audi has required me to learn...I think they are solid cars but parts/labor are so expensive that I feel like I need to do research whenever something goes wrong just to make sure I'm not replacing unnecessary parts. Anyways I thought I'd share an article that I found while researching online about stalling issues: Diagnosing Intermittent Stalling Issues (http://www.underhoodservice.com/Article/46386/diagnosing_intermittent_stalling_issues.aspx). I don't know if it is common car knowledge but it was all new to me.