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: Newbie 1st thread, 1st drive, many questions

04-17-2011, 09:05 PM
I just got interested in the allroad while searching for a Volvo XC70. I remember a person who worked in my building always drove one, and I never could figure out how ANYONE owning one could keep from getting those smooth, expansive door panels from getting dinged all to hell....

So the whole German luxury 4wd wagon thing REALLY intrigues me, even though after researching exhaustively I get the distinct impression that if I buy one it may grenade at any time.

I drove a 2001 around the block the other day, and although it purred like a kitten, it was kind of ragged out (at 12k miles) and had a few issues.

Here are my GENERAL questions about a used one:

1. Is there any way to tell if the timing belt has been changed? There are a lot out there being listed by "luxury" foreign car resellers, but most that I've talked to have no history of the vehicle, so if it has 100k miles on it, there's no way to tell if the timing belt has been changed. Or is there?

2. I've heard of the torque converter issue, but I've also heard that Audi fixed this in the '04 or '05 model year. Is this true? Is there any way to tell if an earlier model has had an upgrade?

3. Is the turbo failure REALLY a "given"? I mean, if I bought a 100k-mile car, can I BANK on a turbo failure soon?

4. I'm a decent mechanic. Is it possible for a married guy like me to swap out the timing belt and turbos myself?

5. I read all the time about FRONT airspring failures; what about the rears? Are they pretty trouble-free? I also own a '93 Range Rover which came factory with the same type airbag system. Everybody swaps them out to coil springs all around. Is this also a preferred rout with allroads?

6. The car I drove had a suspension clunk at the left front, an icon in the dash of a car silhouette with an up/down arrow that was always on, and valve covers that leaked so that you could see wisps of smoke (burning oil) with your head under the hood while running. Are these all common problems?

7. The car I drove had an automatic that I believe had D, and 2, I think, but I've seen pics of trannies that had D,3,2, and maybe 1? What is the difference? What years or tranny versions had different shift options?

As I've said, I own a Range Rover, and any RR forum reads almost like an allroad forum; doom and gloom, don't buy one if you can't do work yourself, expect big repair bils, etc. But I still own mine, and love it, so I'm not easily swayed by the impending disaster scenarios I've read about. But I still have questions.

04-18-2011, 08:28 AM
I have an 04 All road 4.2 8 cylinder which I bought used and has less than 92K on it. One main reason I bought it is becaus ethe timing chain runs in the oil sump and never needs to be replaced.. I like the torque ogf the 4.2 vs the turbos harged models. As for th etorque converter I hadnt had any problems.. I would reccomend changing the trans fluid and filter.. Yo have to rmove the pan and fill it up from underneath with the audi trans fluid mine took 4 qts and it was expensive but shifts soo much better..

Hope this helps..

04-18-2011, 08:30 AM
My front air suspension has been holding up fine and when they do go i wil replace them with Arnotts kit as I dont want to do the coil deal..

04-18-2011, 08:31 AM
My front air suspension has been holding up fine and when they do go i wil replace them with Arnotts kit as I dont want to do the coil deal..

The Vin number should help you identify which transmission it is..

04-18-2011, 10:24 PM
Arnotts air springs take about 45min to replace . very easy to do . the oil is from the valve covers. they need to be replaced .AR's are notorious for sh!t valve cover gaskets. i just read that a guy took the air inlet to the air spring out and squirted Slime into it and that sealed the air spring. it totally makes sense. no thats an easy fixe of a $300 dollar air spring for $12 bucks. i'll try it next time one of my bags go's out. check for a sticked under the hood , that would indicate if the timing belt was replaced , also inspect the drive belt. to see if it is also new. as for the tranny they do have problems with the torque convertor . i had to replace mine. good luck.

05-21-2011, 09:23 AM
I got 165k on mine...and it still feels SOLID. Airbags are perfect. I drive on level one in the city and always go to level two for highway driving. When you wash your car - always wash out the road grime from the airbags well. There is no other way to tell if the timing belt was done, unless you remove the belt covers. However, I found out a good indication is to see the condition of the exposed serpentine belt...which is usually changed along with the timing belt. I say buy the car and get the TB done ASAP. That way, you can drive it worry-free, for the next 80k. Turbos should last very long if you run the car at idle, for a full 5 min after driving it hard. This circulates the coolant and oil to the turbos, allowing them to cool gradually...sudden cooling will invariably crack them.

I finally found a set of OEM RS4 wheels and I did the GIAC X-chip upgrade and all I can say is..........WOW!!!

I LOVE this car all over again....