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: audi 80 b3 89 1.9 wont run more than 30 sec

03-26-2011, 05:25 AM
got an audi B3 1.9 that starts then stops after about 30 seconds. also when you open the throttle it basically stalls.

there is a metal device attached to the air duct that buzzes 3 seconds, 1 sec off then 3 sec again. ?
also, i noticed the air filter is damp with fuel.

any ideas.

03-27-2011, 07:41 AM
are plugs wet with fuel ? if so, bad inj ? stuck in cold start mode ? stuck pressure regulator ?

04-02-2011, 09:53 PM
i picked this car up a week or 2 ago, 2nd hand.

ok some more info, their was a fuse on the top of the fuel pump relay, took that out (found out its a test mode)

It can now run for a longer period of time at least 5 minutes so far, but is rough, if throttle is held around 1.5 krpm it will stay running, but quick revving or holding the throttle flat the engine stops . let it ldle its sounds bit camy then stops. ?