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: Audi 80 AAD & ABK

03-24-2011, 02:32 PM
There's someone breaking a 1994 Audi 80 Sport 2.0 (ABK) Mine is a 1990 Audi 80 Sport 2.0 AAD, am i right in thinking they are the same parts? I need the idle control valve, gearbox mount, crank breather pipe and speedo sensor, will these fit? Cheers

05-14-2011, 11:09 AM
i have a 2.0e abk and whilst looking for parts i have seen the icv for 70 new and the gbox mounts are pretty cheap 15-40, the speed sensor cant be over 40 so may be worth getting new for these prices as used bits are getting v old. ps. i need a heater matrix to engine coolant hose the one with the bleed screw from the abk engine do you know if the hose is available on the breaker you mentioned? cheers