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: Roadster: Rear Center Storage? Replacing 6 Disc Changer w/Proper Interior Storage

03-20-2011, 10:51 PM
New TT Owner here. In fact first Audi. 2004 Black on Gray Roadster w/29K Miles. Purchased Service Manual right away . . what a quality book btw . . but two questions that I have not been able to answer:

1. Between the seats, above the rear speaker there appears to be a ~6"x5" plastic panel that looks like it should open for a convenient storage compartment. Even has a little horizontal black line on it, like the cigarette tray (which obviously opens) and like the chrome stereo cover (which also obviously opens). I looked in my shop manual and it appears to be a compartment back there, but the pictures are note 100% conclusive. If this panel is suppose to open, mine doesn't. I have pressed, gently pried, etc to no avail.

So . . does this panel open or not . . if so . . any ideas on how to encourage mine to open. Could post a picture if that would be helpful.

2. I replaced the factory Bose system with a Kenwood BT900 (great iPod/iPhone integration . . very happy for a scant $299). In doing so, I removed the 6 Disc CD Changer that was stored in the storage compartment behind the Drivers Seat. Now that storage area is "unfinished" (see metal of the body, the old wiring plug for the changer, strange shape, wraps around towards the passenger seat . . could loose something in there if not careful.

So . . can anyone point me to the part number to the interior piece that would finish off this area now that the 6 Disc Changer has been removed? Would rather buy a factory piece that fab something up.

Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated!


Lake Stevens, WA

03-20-2011, 11:36 PM
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