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: A4 1.8 T Oil Pressure

03-20-2011, 02:01 AM
Hi all,

This is my first ever post, so please bear with me,
I have a B7 (Feb 07 Manufacture), 1.8 T, Manual and quattro. I do approx 750-1000 km's in this every week. Predomionantly freeway driving, commuting to and from work.
I had, for the first time ever, my oil pressure light come on. I pulled over, checked the oil and all seemed fine. I proceded to work (approx 60 km's) with no issues. I then drove the car home again, with out an oil pressure light come on (approx 175 km trip).
During running arround the local area, the oil pressure light started coming on again. Same story, oil level good, continued on(this happened twice) last night the oil pressure light came on again, but the car started beeping also.
Car driven for less than 5 mins and then garaged until week end.
Car checked, and after searching on the net for some info, I made an assumption it may be sludge. I flushed the engine and drained oil afterwards, replenished with new oil and replaced the oil filter. Started car oil light and warning alarm came back on! Car back in garage and am now asking you guys for some "knowledge"
Any one know what's happening?:confused:

03-26-2011, 04:29 PM
Hi, r1midget,
I'm a newbie too, so my first post as well. suggest you go to the B6 forum - that is where I believe you will find most info on the 1.8T engine, and look at the blue-shaded stickies. About half-way down the first page there is a string on the 1.8 oil pressure issue. It sounds like the dreaded oil sludge issue on those engines. Incorrect oil an/or too-infrequent oil changes cause the oil to burn up and crystalize, clogging the oil pickup tube, which causes the oil pump to starve and trigger the oil pressure light even while the oil level still reads 'full' on the dipstick. My daughter's 2001 Passat with the same engine just went thru that same issue and the dealer charged her $1800 to replace the pickup tube/screen and multiple drain tubes, flush the engine, do THREE oil changes, and still recommend another after she drives 1000 miles. At least they said the engine is not damaged! We bought the car used with about 43k miles, and it is now in high 80's, so VWAG was no help at all since it is outside the extended 8 yr/80k warranty for this problem. I'm concerned since we've been changing the oil religiously every 5k miles with the proper VW-spec oil myself. If you're handy you can probably do the cleanup/repair yourself if not covered by VWAG's warranty. Good luck!

04-01-2011, 07:16 AM
Thanks for taking the time to fill me in. I have to agree with you as in desperation, I took it to the local guy (mynearest Audi service place is 160 ks away) he told me the same as you have. He actually had a holden commodore in for the same problem - go figure!
He let me know of the pros and cons of synthetics and suggested (like you are saying) that engine oil should be 5000 ks.
Then he said he would work on it as he doesnt do european cars.
I currently have the car at the audi shop and am awaiting the response.
I have the abilty to do the job, but not the time, same old story.
Hopefully all will be ok and apart from the cost, I have learnt a valuable lesson.

Cheers and thanks fo rthe info.

ps, how's the daughter's car going?:lol::mellow: