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: windows and sunroof

03-18-2011, 11:35 PM
Hi to all you audi lovers just want to leave a quick word about the electric windows and sun roof well as other users have said my windows stoped working at last before they would work on and off some times i would have to wait for a while before they would work i drive a 1995 audi 80 quattro 2.6e v6 well after reding other posts i went under the steering colum and found two big relays as i have read they are the problem to the windows any way pulled them out opend them up but couldnt find any dry welds so my dad who works with cars told me to put heat from a soldering iron to all the pins that conect to the main board well done that replaced the relays under the dash and they all started working so if you have problems with windows thats the thing to do as the wrecker wants $125 for second hand ones so you never know what you can do till you try hope this helps others if you cant see dry weld heat them all up

03-19-2011, 01:07 AM
Thanks for the tip! But... please try to use some punctuation in the future. That was really hard to read.